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Michael Luzich

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About Michael Luzich

The Importance of Charitable Giving & Wildlife Conservation


As Founder and Managing Partner of Las Vegas-based investment firm Luzich Partners LLC, Michael Luzich has always appreciated the importance of giving back to his community and the world.

In keeping with his commitment to charitable giving, and to honor the memory of his parents, Mr. Luzich created the Norman and Carol Luzich Glaucoma Fund and contributes regularly to the Shiley Eye Institute at UC San Diego. The fund provides four-year funding for an interdisciplinary team of 10 scientists from an array of ophthalmology and eye centers. 

The team of renowned scientists conducts groundbreaking research in the field of regeneration of optic nerve cells; the project hopes to initiate human clinical trials for glaucoma patients by 2021. The future success of this project has the potential to improve the lives of millions.

In addition to his philanthropic efforts in the field of healthcare, Mr. Luzich is also a dedicated conservationist. As such, he is a strong believer in global wildlife sustainability. His promotion of wildlife sustainability, while assisting people in need, led him to his work with the Mzuri Wildlife Foundation. Founded in 1969, the Foundation is dedicated to promoting wildlife conservation and educating the next generation of outdoor sports enthusiasts, and securing the viability of wild game animals and their habitats. The goal is to ultimately achieve harmonious relationships among wildlife, flora and fauna, and human beings. 

By promoting wildlife sustainability and providing economic alternatives to poaching wild game—such as the promotion of localized beekeeping—the Foundation also works to provide a means for African citizenry to earn income without involvement in wild game poaching. 

Mr. Luzich is also actively involved with the Camp Fire Conservation Fund, dedicated to informing the public regarding conservation matters as well as restoring and publicizing the role of the sportsman as a conservationist. The Fund’s goals include:

  • Informing the general public and governmental agencies regarding the optimal use of remaining natural resources
  • Restore and publicize the role of the sportsman as a conservationist
  • Organize and fund educational public information projects
  • And coordinate the effort of sportsmen’s and conservation organizations.

Through his conservation and charitable efforts, Mr. Luzich has worked to enhance the quality of lives across the globe.  

To learn more about Mr. Luzich’s charitable giving and conservation efforts, please visit his blog page.